iA historic day. My first scale arrived!n/a

Haven't posted a blog here in so long but today is truly historic so I had to.

I never, ever, EVER in my life thought I'd buy a scale. They're pricey and, as pretty as they are, I couldn't see myself paying so much for something only there to look nice.
But two weeks ago I made a choice, and today it arrived in a giant box. This is the first time I've ever gotten a box this big from AmiAmi and when I walked into my room it made me laugh.


As if to greet me and the change in my collection AmiAmi's card was extra pretty this month.


Let's see what's in it. . .





HE'S GORGEOUSSSSSS. I have to wait to unbox him because I plan to film it but just seeing him in person I can't control the feelings. He looks so GOOD. Got him right before AmiAmi rose their price and it's so worth it!! I understand y'all scale collectors now. I understand.

At first I thought it was just hype because his Nendo is the love of my life right now, but when AmiAmi 'sold out' of him for a day I panicked. I knew then I had to have him, and thankfully AmiAmi restocked the next day. I feel complete.

Anyway, enough of my gushing lol The rest of the loot is neat as well. Got some of those Little Armory sets to pair with my Figma Archetypes for art purposes.


Plan to film a review of these as well so they'll be staying in their boxes for now.

Then there's some small things. I couldn't help myself, and Yuri on Ice merch sells out so fast I had to get my favorite boys before they ran out. The Hetalia stickers are really cute as well.


Total loot.


Small but I'm excited. Hnnng, Jiji is only sitting on my shelf right now and I already love him there. He's going to get a more elaborate setup once those Nendoroid Playsets (curse you for pushing back the release date GSC) come in. I have plans.

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08 дней назадReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
congrats! great first choice scale :)
18 дней назадrozellerozelle
Those gifs are too great xD. Congrats on your first scale figure!!! You got a beautiful one *o*
49 дней назадcpmsancpmsan
Welcome to scale figure hell. Now you'll want everyone.
09 дней назадBea2028Bea2028
I hope to get my first Scale tomorrow,my b-day :D I see it is an exciting moment >< can't wait!!
09 дней назадKyokiPonKyokiPon
I got Jiji for like $65 last month! ~ super deal of the year for me
he's a gorgeous figure <3 eenjoy :D
69 дней назадKirito_Kun2Kirito_Kun2
I love the gifs on this article so much, every blog should have some.
59 дней назадPeanutButterPeanutButter
I know the feeling about the whole scale figures thing. I was going to strictly adhere to nendoroids in the beginning. Then item #396841 happened.

Ahaha. Yes I leapt off the deep end in terms of price point.
09 дней назадMacavyMacavy
OujiRainu (9 дней назад) #20009220He's beauty,He's grace. Everytime I look at it,the more I want it~Get him! He's so worth it.
noctisity (9 дней назад) #20010182Congrats on your first scale! You made a wonderful choice by choosing Jiji as your first. *^*bI'm glad I took the plunge. He's everything I hoped he would be.
09 дней назадnoctisitynoctisity
Congrats on your first scale! You made a wonderful choice by choosing Jiji as your first. *^*b
09 дней назадOujiRainuOujiRainu
He's beauty,He's grace. Everytime I look at it,the more I want it~



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